Welcome Everyone

1/13/2018 Views: 640

Hey everyone,

First of all, thank you for testing out my new social media site! I'm really excited about getting it going, as my post picture shows.

I've been working on this idea on and off for about a year. StorieTime is meant to bring the blogging experience all into one place in a social media manner. Hopefully for bloggers or anyone who wants to share their opinion, this is great news. You can now keep track of how many people are looking at your posts, interact with others about what you write, and read interesting material from the everyday person rather than a formal newspaper. In addition, I added other features to help writers reach more people and to help readers find new content.

I hope if you have time you give me honest feedback, so I can make this idea even better. I can take really harsh criticism, just ask my COO Adam Reynolds.

Thanks Again!