Privacy Policy

Information that we collect

We collect different information from different users depending on how you interact with the site.

Mainly we collect information through the sign-up process and as you navigate our site. This means that we collect the information you give us for your profile and we collect information about your activities within This includes a variety of information, but specifically focuses on what you view, like, comment on, and spread. We may also collect information about where your posts originated. We use this information to help create feeds that will be interesting to you and to help promote your posts to others.

We may also collect information about how you interact with other users on the site and how they interact with you.

We also reserve the right to collect information about the types of devices you use, the browsers you use, and other information pertaining to your access to the site.

The way we use information

We use the information we collect to enhance the user experience by providing you with stories and information that you will likely be interested in and that may promote new ideas. We use our information to help the site operate smoothly and to ensure that it remains an engaging experience for all of our users.

With the personal information that we collect we are able to specifically target areas that you might be interested in and avoid sending you information that will be boring, useless, or that does not align with the goals of creating a more engaged and connected world.

We may also use this information to communicate with you in a more personal way or to tailor our user experience around your personal preferences.

How we share information

We share information publically via our spotlight feature, which promotes your stories to the general public. This will also include public aspects of your profile in order to promote you as the author of the post. Your posts and profile information will also be available to people who follow you and to users with accounts who are looking to follow you or looking at your profile.

We also reserve the right to share your encrypted information with analytics firms or advertisers looking to advertise on StorieTime.

Clearing information

You may always go into settings to delete your account, which will clear any personal information to you including posts and the information that you provided when you set up your profile.

Responding to legal requests

All legal requests should be made to us through our email These should be made as clear as possible and we will do our best to respond as soon as possible to anything that we deem to be credible. We also reserve the right to delete, alter or eliminate posts that we believe to be harmful or to endanger the StorieTime community at anytime and without warning.

Notifications of Change

You will be notified of any changes to this privacy policy with a notification sent to your account. We reserve the right to alter these policies at any time.

Contact us

You may contact us with any questions by emailing